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Comfort Owl Financing

Comfort Owl financing is a great choice for homeowners working on projects of any scale, ensuring you can have your comfort, your way.  

We provide competitive interest rates and flexible financing options, allowing you to upgrade your home equipment and complete renovations on your terms within your budget. With Comfort Owl’s financing options, homeowners can take advantage of government grants allowing you to offset the cost of equipment and upgrade to higher efficiency equipment.   

Comfort Owl also gives you the options to finance any home project and opt for our rental program to upgrade your home equipment. This way you can take advantage of the same benefits while also benefiting from the massive added value of included breakdown protection, all under the same credit approval.  

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Your Comfort, Your Way!

Features Include:

What Do We Offer For Financing?

Financing FAQs

Am I eligible for government rebates for my equipment?

Since you own the equipment, you may be eligible for government rebates.

What if I sell my house before the loan term is over?

You are responsible for the amount owing if you sell your home. The loan is not transferrable, however, you can choose to continue making payments as scheduled or pay off the amount owing at your convenience.

Are there any payment penalties?

Financing through Comfort Owl is open loan and you do not incur any payment penalties.

What are the fees involved?

A standard registration fee of $99.95 is applicable for financed loans.

What is the interest rate?

Our interest rates vary depending on the program. We also have rate buy-down options available. Contact us to learn more.

Is breakdown protection included?

Breakdown protection is not included, however, you can add a maintenance plan. We suggest discussing this with your Comfort Owl professional for pricing and options when selecting your financing program.