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Introducing: Comfort Owl

Comfort Owl is here to make comfortable and greener homes more affordable than ever with honest and transparent payment options, all while supporting your local economy. 

With inflation top of mind, homeowners are more cost-conscious and there is a greater demand than ever for Buy Now, Pay Later solutions. Comfort Owl provides these solutions with no hidden surprises. We bring homeowners peace of mind by helping them budget and avoid large and unexpected expenses. We want to raise awareness that the better solution is available through Comfort Owl, this is why we’ve assembled The Comfort Collective – A network of local professionals serving the community’s HVAC and plumbing needs. 

Based in Southern Ontario, our diverse team is united by our different perspectives and a drive to make positive impacts while standing by our core values. We believe in empowering all stakeholders; whether it’s our homeowners, the professionals in our Comfort Collective, or our teammates. We embrace Canada’s diversity and we’re committed to fostering inclusive, caring and respectful relations with all stakeholders. Comfort Owl believes in making healthier, comfier, and greener homes affordable for everyone. Let us help you achieve your dream home.

Our Mission

To help our Comfort Collective offer payment options, so homeowners can feel comfortable making decisions that meet their needs and budget.  

Our Vision

To connect local communities, inspiring healthier and comfier homes, affordably.

Our Core Values

Fairness & Caring

Commitment & Dependability

Honesty & Transparency

Impact & Responsibility

The Comfort Collective

Comfort Owl has assembled The Comfort Collective – a local network of independently owned and operated licensed trade professionals to serve the community’s HVAC and plumbing needs. Together we provide home comfort with fair payment solutions, assuring that our homeowners receive top-notch service from a familiar face.

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