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Comfort Owl Commercial

Upgrading to high-efficiency equipment is more affordable than ever leasing through Comfort Owl. You can benefit from predictable budgeting, energy savings, tax advantages, and avoid capital costs.

You can also enjoy benefits like: 

  • No broker fees
  • True lease-to-own
  • Design service available
  • Breakdown protection & maintenance plans available

Your Comfort, Your Way!

Commercial FAQs

What industries can benefit the most from Comfort Owl?

Property management, long-term care, restaurants, retail, motels, hotels, and institutional organizations such as government buildings are a few examples of settings that can benefit the most from Comfort Owl.

What is the quoting process?

We collaborate with business owners to provide timely customized quotes based on their needs.

What is the annual rate escalation?

Your monthly payments will increase by a very small percentage every year to account for inflation and to ensure that lease payments keep up with changing economic conditions. It is important to note that our annual escalation rate is lower compared to industry competitors. Contact us to learn more.

What are the fees involved?

There are no registration fees for commercial leasing. A standard discharge fee of $499 is applicable at the end of the lease term, however, this can be built into the lease itself if requested.

What happens at the end of the lease term?

At the end of the lease term you have the option to purchase your equipment for a very reasonable buyout rate. Alternatively, you can decide to continue renting at a monthly rate. We do not accept returns on equipment. Lastly, a standard $499 discharge fee is applicable once the equipment is purchased.

Is breakdown protection included?

Breakdown protection is not included, however, this can be added to your lease agreement along with maintenance plans. We suggest discussing this with your Comfort Owl professional for pricing and options when quoting.